Synthetic Running Track and Tennis Court Surfaces

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Running Track TRACKS TRACKLITE SYSTEMS has been manufacturing and installing synthetic running track surfaces for over 30 years, beginning with over 1200 rubberized asphalt surfaces throughout the US and Asia. Our latest Acrylic Multi-Resin and Urethane surfaces are among the finest available.

We also refurbish and restore any type existing track surface, as well as perform regular maintenance and emergency repairs, including the sealcoating, color coating and leveling of your older rubberized asphalt track.

Line Striping and certification are a TRACKLITE specialty.

COURTS & PLAYGROUNDS TRACKLITE SYSTEMS also (re)surfaces tennis courts, basketball courts, and playground areas. Tennis Court Since we offer a full array services, we do minor and major crack repairs, fence work, and can provide net posts and nets.

SURFACES TRACKLITE surfaces range in price from $9.50 (for economy latex) to $45.00 (full-pour urethane) per square yard depending upon the type of surface chosen. TRACKLITE personnel will be happy to discuss your project and provide you with informative and honest information with which you can get your track project off the ground and completed. We can assist you in the design of your facility, or if you prefer, recommend a number of architects specializing in athletic facilities. In either event, we can save you money.

DRAINAGE: TerraGreen Prefabricated Drainage Systems. Tracklite is a dealer/distributor

FOAM MATS: Suppliers of high jump and pole vault mats. We also provide gym mats wall mats, and track crossing mats

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